Laparoscopic surgery started with Central Monitoring System

Successful launch of laparoscopic surgery has been undertaken in the district hospital with the telescope. With the successful implementation of two patients from the Central Monitoring System, the Health Department has succeeded in providing a big facility to the residents. In the achievements of the District Hospital, laparoscopic surgery has proved milestone in the telescopic system.

In the district hospital, establishment of laparoscopic machine with telescopic system and modern air-conditioned emergency room has added new chapter in the extension of facilities. The state-of-the-art and fully equipped equipment have been installed at a cost of approximately Rs 30 lakh. The facility of operation of medicines with central monitoring system has been established. The fully equipped ICU facility has been established for patients. After the expansion of facilities and the services of specialist doctors, local people have started getting better treatment facilities.

In a district hospital, a new chapter was added to the success of the district hospital by the successful operation of 2 patients by the surgeon Dr. S. Nagulan. Both patients were discharged from hospital after two days of successful operation and treatment of stones in gallbladder.

Recognition from modern equipment and specialist doctors

Civil Surgeon, Dr. T. R. Kanwar said that in the district hospital, health services have been expanded much more than other districts of the state. With the arrival of modern equipment and specialist doctors, district hospital has got new identity. Laparoscopic surgery is a significant achievement for the district hospital with telescopic system. With this method, two patients have been given health benefits after successful operation.