Landmark milestone starting with Caesarean Operation

The Golden Chapters got attached in the district hospital Bijapur after the caesarean operation after the hospitalization of the neonatal hospital bunge. After the success of the caesarean operation, where hospital management is very excited, local residents are happy to have this facility.

The untiring efforts of the collector of Dr. Ayyaz Tamboli in the healthcare facilities in the district hospital have started bringing color. The introduction of sterilization operation after the establishment of the first blood bank and now the Cesarean operation has added a golden emerald in the chapter of the district hospital. Last night Arun Chaudhary and Civil Surgeon TR Kanwar, the Anesthetic Dr. of the CRPF Together with Gopal Gupta successfully completed the cesarean operation of Mrs. Bhavani Rotell, resident of Reddy, in newly created operation theater. After Cesarean, Mrs. Bhavani gets the son’s gem, whose weight is two and a half kilos. Both the mother and the child are fully safe in the Mother’s Child Ward of the hospital.

Operation success milestone

While expressing happiness at the inauguration of the Cesarean operation in the District Hospital, the Collector, Dr. Ayaz Tamboli, congratulated the doctors and their team of District Hospital. He said that now the women here will not have to go out of the district for cesarean operation. In this work, the CRPF has also contributed to this, so he is entitled to thanks. Right now the blood bank needs licensing and anesthetic, after which the health facilities of the District Hospital will be further enhanced.