Jailal gets new life through new modular Orthopedic OT

Rejuvenation of district hospital and expansion of modern facilities Another success was added when Jailal, who had become helpless due to the collapse of both the bones of the left leg in the accident, got a new life. Civil surgeon T. R. Kanwar has added a new chapter in the expansion of health facilities by connecting the broken bones of the burner in the new modular operation theater established in the hospital.

Due to the crash of running a motor cycle in Gourav Marg of Jailal Sahu, resident of Bijapur, two bone tibia fibula was broken. Due to breakage of bone, Flame was helpless in running again, so that her life was going through difficulties. With the establishment of the first C-Arm Machine Modular Operation Theater of the division in the district hospital, the local physicians took up the procedure of treatment of Jalal. In order to conduct the first operation in the modular operation theater, Civil Surgeon DMT Kanwar, Anesthetic Dr. Mittal and Dr. Bhanwar Sharma decided to make proper preparations for Jailal’s operation. According to the schedule, the first successful operation was done by adding two bones of the left foot of Jailal to the exterior fixtures in the District Hospital. With the first operation of the bone in the district hospital, where a new dimension has been established in patients’ treatment facilities. At the same time, Jailal’s life has returned to happiness.

Role of C-Arm Machine in operation

Dr. Bhanwar Lal Sharma of the District Hospital informed that this was the first operation of bone in the district which was 100% successful. In the success of this operation, the role of the C-Arm machine installed in the district hospital is remarkable. This machine is only an X-ray machine whose Picture Live keeps moving. This first machine has been set up in its district by leaving the medical college in the division, which is credited to the collector of the district.

Role of modern machines and doctors

On the first successful operation of the bone in the district hospital, the collector Dr. Ayaz Tamboli said that extension of health services and the appointment of doctors has increased confidence in the local people. The role of modern equipment and doctors in the District Hospital is the root cause of success in health services. Facilities will be provided to the patients in the district as well as to improve health services in other states.