District Hospital created history, 120 surgery done in three months

Due to increasing facilities and specialist doctors in the hospital, patients suffering from serious diseases have been successfully treated. Laparoscopic Surgeon D. S. from Chennai In the last three months, Nagoolan has succeeded in providing new life with the help of minor and major patients by taking minor and major 120 operations. Due to the expansion of specialist doctors and medical facilities, the district hospital has now started to identify itself as a better medical facility.

65-year-old Lingi Bai, who had anacomic cytoma tumor for two years, was unable to take treatment because of financial constraints. Doctors of Medical College, Jagdalpur had expressed their inability to undertake surgeries after considering the Femi Tumor of Tumorrhea. After watching the report of Lingi Bai, Dr. Nagoolan decided to undergo surgeries in the district hospital and successfully performed parotiductomy. 45-year-old Aratiya of Bhopalpatanam had a hole in the small intestine, which was negligible to survive. In these circumstances, it was able to save life by doing the deodenal laparotomy surgery for three hours. The five-year-old Consciousness of Dhanora was complained of tongue binding, whose tangetization was successful and treated successfully. A half-year-old girl, who had complained of hernia, whose amylical hernia was given relief by successful surgery. Tuberculosis of the tumor was carried out in the uterus of Bijapur, 40, suffering from a shortage of blood, and hemolytic surgery was done. Ovarian Teritoma Surgery was treated and treated as a 50 year old Pulsee Purey Vitam of the Kutru, due to the ovary tumors. The district hospital has had success in improving the treatment of four patients of Appendix and four patients from hernia.

In this regard Dr. S Nagulan said that during his three-month tenure, he has been successful in doing minor and major 120 surgeries. The District Hospital also has the facility of treatment of thyroid, hydroxyl, breast cancer, hemorrhoids and breast lump. Very soon you will get the benefit of laparoscopic surgery. Due to modern equipment and medical facilities, treatment of serious diseases has been possible only in the district hospital. All patients have been treated for free and surgery.

Treatment in Vananchal leaving Metro city

After serving MS General Surgery and FMAS from Chennai S Nagolam Satyasai Medical College, Chennai, resident of Chennai, a resident of Global Hospital has been working as a medical doctor in Chennai. His doctor Dr. Rabia Basri is a Greek doctor. On the initiative and efforts of the Collector Dr. Ayaz Tamboli, Dr. Nagulan took the initiative to serve the poor in Vannanchal like Bijapur and all the families came here to give their services.

Model Hospital for better medical care

Regarding progress in the field of medicine and health, the collector Dr. Ayaz Tamboli said that giving better medical care to the people of the poorer sections here is the first priority. With the introduction of specialist doctors with better resources and modern equipment, the possibility of better medical care in the district hospital has increased. The most important role of specialist doctors coming out from outside for surgery and better medicine. In the coming days the district hospital will prove to be a model hospital for better treatment.